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We have now implemented a more intensive crate training program here at Amity Views. With thanks to Alice @ Cloud Nine Canine for her expertise and guidance our pups now go home with some basic crate training. 

The feedback to date has been exceptionally positive and we will therefore continue to do this process with future litters. 

Crate training can benefit puppies, adult dogs, and seniors in one way or another. It can give dogs a sense of security and owners peace of mind that there puppies is safe and secure at times when a household is in full swing. 

The crate gives the pup a shelter to rest and relax. Dogs typically, instinctively seek small spaces to create protective shelters for themselves. A crate is a useful training tool for puppies, safe havens for older dogs and lifesavers for emergency situations. 

Crate training is an essential part of toilet training puppies as dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping quarters. They learn to hold their bladders while they’re in their crate. They will whimper or bark to let you know they need the toilet. 

We strongly recommend crate training every dog.

Crate Training/Stress Inoculation: About


'Stress inoculation' for puppies is crucial as it helps them develop resilience and adaptability to life's challenges! With gradually and mindfully exposing our pups to mild stressors in a controlled environment, we help them build coping skills and they inturn learn how to manage their responses to stress.
In doing this it sets a strong foundation for their emotional well-being and behavioural stability as they mature into adult dogs.
Careful stress inoculation prepares pups to handle the ups and downs of life with confidence and composure.
Again, with the help of Alice @ Cloud Nine Canine we have implemented a technique to add to our existing repertoire of exposures.

When picking up pups we are more mindful of them when they struggle to get free of our hold. We continue to hold them until such time as there is no resistance and then place them on the floor, therefore they are rewarded with freedom for good behaviour not bad behaviour.

Currently we expose our pups to the sound proof puppy app (a series of sounds such as thunder, lawn mower, tractor, baby crying etc). They also have exposure to different textures, wobble boards, brooms, vacuum, uneven surfaces etc.
Our aim is to continue pushing our boundaries to produce the best, well rounded pups we possibly can.

Big shout out and Thank You to Alice @ Cloud Nine Canine for your invaluable knowledge and help with us and our puppy owners!

Crate Training/Stress Inoculation: Welcome
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